craft room organization clay storage

Looking for a mobile way to store your polymer clay collection?  The Hudson cart from Michael’s allows for lots of room to store your clay stash while allowing it to be on wheels so you can easily move it around your work space or your home.  Store it in a a closet, under a counter or in a corner.

How much clay will it store?    Each shelf will hold approximately 182 two oz bars of clay if you store them the way I do.  You can also add some on the tops like you see pictured here for even more storage.  That means this cart can hold over 546 two oz bars of polymer clay!  As you can see on the bottom shelf of my cart, it will also easily hold the 8oz and 1lb packages of clay.  You can also add clay tools to this cart to make your own mobile work station.  There’s a cart topper you can purchase separately that you could add to use as a work space.    

Link to find the cart here