Want to know more about me? 

🤍 I love house plants and gardening.

🤍 Summer is my favorite season.

🤍 Want to make me smile?  Show me your pet(s).  Seriously.  I love animals but dogs are my favorite.  We have 2 rescue dogs, one of whom is deaf.

🤍 I love to cook & bake & my kitchen is filled with music, dancing & deep conversations.

🤍I’m an INFJ, which is the rarest personality type (2% of the population).

🤍I’m an Empath.  Feeling other people’s energy & emotions as if they’re your own is both a beautiful and heartbreaking gift.  

🤍 I read & try to learn something new everyday.

🤍 I love home decor and decorating for holidays and seasons.

🤍I’m a lefty.