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Faux Leather Sheet Storage

If you work with faux leather sheets, you’re going to love this storage hack.  As you know, these sheets can be odd sizes and when you have a large collection, just leaving them in a pile, is going to slow you down when you’re looking for a specific pattern. These sturdy legal size binders with binder sheets are the perfect way to keep your stash organized and in pristine condition.  

The best part is that they can be found on Amazon so you don’t even need to change out of your pj’s or waste gas to pick them up.

Links to 2 different binders can be found below.  (I have both and love them equally).  Don’t forget the binder sheets to add your faux leather sheets too.  You can include multiple sheets per sleeve for maximum storage and organization.

Disclosure: I only recommend things that I personally use and have purchased with my own money.  If you order anything I’ve mentioned using my referral link, I may earn a small commission.  However, there’s no extra cost to you.